Friday, June 19, 2009

Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

1. Breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY!
The only way to get your Metabolism even started in your day is to eat breakfast within the first half hour when you wake up. The rest of the day your metabolic rate will be up and will continue to rise just by eating breakfast.

2. Pick Protein for Lunch
Even at work and sitting at a desk, you can still burn calories by eating a protein packed lunch. Protein builds muscle and muscle of course burns more calories than fat. So even while sitting at a desk, if you eat protein for lunch, it will keep your metabolism going and burn calories. You want at least 30 grams of protein-which is about a cup of Low Fat Cottege Cheese, or a 4 ounce boneless chicken.

3. Keep Dairy in your day
This doesn't mean ice-cream or eating blocks of cheese. The calcium from Dairy helps your body metabolize fat by increasing the rate at which is gets rid of waist, (umm, going number 2) so your body is regulated through your metabolism. A good amount is 8 ounces of low fat Milk a day or 6 ounces of low fat Yogurt.

Spices are incredible for your Metabolism. They are one of the only things you can eat that actually speed up your metabolism just by simply adding them to your meals. Make sure to put them on your Fish (Salmon) when you eat it so then you get double the benefits, because Fish carry Omega 3-fatty acids and those trigger rapid signals of "I'm full" to your brain. They also carry 90% of your Vitamin D recommended daily value.

Woman lose a lot of Iron from there periods every month which alone can slow down your metabolism because Iron helps carry oxygen to your muscles. When your Iron is low, your muscles aren't getting enough oxygen which of course slows down your metabolism. Make sure to add plenty of dark leafy greens such as Spinach to your menu along with Broccoli, Oats and beans. All of which carry a lot of Iron.

6.Working Out with Intervals
They did a study that showed people that walk/jog in between sprints for 20 mins off and on burn 3 times more fat than the people that run for a steady pace for 40 mins. The burst of speed can stimulate a fat-burning process within the muscles rather than going at a steady pace that your muscles get immune to. Also, if your a weight training kind of person, another excellent way to speed up your metabolism is to lift the weights slowly. Count 3 seconds every time you lift and let down.

The University of Utah did a study that the people that drank 8-12 ounces of water had a higher metabolic rate than those who only drank 4. They also say if you drink your water cold, it burns an extra 10 calories a day, which of course doesn't sound like very much, but in the long run you lose pounds in the overall year.

8. Get Your Sleep
When you lose hours of sleep you have 2 very important hormones that get thrown off (leptin and ghrelin). These 2 hormones help regulate energy use and appetite, and by losing sleep they are thrown off. Getting less than 7.5 hours of sleep a night can lead to more body weight from these 2 hormones not getting there proper use. Getting sleep is the most important thing you can do to help speed up your metabolism and overall feel better.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planks and Push-Ups

A fantastic work out for those days when you don't have an hour at the gym, or you don't feel like running 12 miles. (which I am absolutely not capable of doing in my life, ha, but props to those who can)
It's an awesome work out when I only have half an hour or 20 mins if that. I highly recommend doing it-works all the muscle groups and even leaves you sore. Like I say, fantastic work out for those days you want a fast, efficient tone up!

Planks and Push-Ups
-For 20 minutes walk at a fast pass just around your block or on a treadmill if you have one. (for those of you who like the running, run for the 20 mins)So you can get your heart rate up by doing some cardio. Make sure to pay attention to your stomach while walking and be sucking/flexing the entire 20 mins.
-When you're done walking, get on the floor and hold your body in the plank position for 30 seconds.
-Right after that hurry and switch so your on a side plank position and hold there for 30 seconds. After that 30 seconds, do the other side for the same amount of time.-When you're done with the planks, do 5 man Push-ups. 5 is just in case you're not used to doing them. If you feel like you can do 10, for sure do 10.
Then start all over with the planks and push-ups so you do 2 rounds. You can do as many rounds as you can, but make sure to get at least 2 in. These little exercises catch every muscle group and is especially incredible for your Abs and Shoulders/Arms. Hope you enjoy it and most of all, get the exercise in for the day!