Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling Down?

(Again, I'm so sorry I've been missing again. We just got back from the most wonderful trip to Europe! So, once again, I have to get back on the ban wagon. Because I think I actually went an entire week without having one vegetable.)

I'm going to start back up with this little tid bit of news I came across and LOVED.
I noticed that although we were walking 24/7 and I felt exhausted it seemed in Europe,
my moods were still up.
And after reading this, I realized it's because I was outside every day.
Something I take for grantid almost daily.

Have you been feeling down lately?
The answer is to go outside!
Researchers analyzed 10 studies involving 1,252 people and learned
that 5 minutes of light exercise outdoors can boost self-esteem and brighten mood.

The effects were even greater if the time was spent near water.
All participants-but especially kids and the mentally ill-
benefited from walking, gardening, biking
or other outdoor activities.

I say let's take advantage of those beautiful mountains we live right next too:).
Especially now that fall is right around the corner!

Source: Environmental Science and Technology-Diabetic Forecast

Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Fantastic Health Magazines

For those of you who aren't blog hoppers and don't have the time to go through the web looking for new recipes, I have some highly recommended magazines that offer some fantastic (and healthy of course) recipes and great tips on how to stay healthy and active.
These are the top 5 I would suggest to anyone!