Monday, March 30, 2009

White Chili Recipe

White Chili

3 cans of Great Northern White Beans
1 chicken bouillon cube
4 tbsp. (1/2 stick) of Butter
1 Garlic Clove, minced or chopped
3/4 c. diced Onion
1 1/2 c. of Green Chile's (fresh or canned)
1 tbsp. of boneless, skinless Chicken chopped (or 2 cans of canned chicken)
1 tbsp of Cumin
1 tbsp of dried Oregano
1 to 2 tsp. or Black Pepper
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
Salt to taste
1/2 bunch of Cilantro
Cheese (low-fat)

Directions: Saute Garlic and Onion until soft (3 mins on Med-Low heat). Add all other ingredients except cilantro and cheese. Simmer for 1/2 an hour to mix in all ingredients. Serve with Cilantro and Cheese on top. If it's too thick, add Chicken Broth or water.

(This recipe feeds a lot, so if your making it for a small family, I would recommend cutting the recipe in half. Also, beans are very healthy for you, but high in carbs, so if you're watching your carbs like me, eat about 1 1/2 cups with a bowl of salad.) ENJOY!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Condiments/Dressings

Biggest question of all time, what is the healthiest Salad Dressing? Well, to be honest, there's not a lot of "healthy salad dressing" out there. There are absolutely better choices to have, but when it comes down to it, most all dressings or condiments either have a lot of sugar, or fat. I have a list of all the best choices of Less Fat and Less Sugar for you to remember to help out with eating healthier :)

All of these options have less than 1 gram of fat per Tablespoon.
-barbeque sauce
-chili sauce
-cranberry-orange chutney
-Dijon mustard
-pickle relish
-seafood cocktail sauce
-soy sauce
-teriyaki sauce
-Worcestershire sauce

All of these options have less that 3 grams of carbs (sugar) per Tblsp.
-Soy Sauce
-Hot Sauce
-Worcestershire (small amounts)
-Ranch (but ranch has about 11 grams of Fat! So you have to be careful)
-Red or White Wine Vinegar
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Zesty Italian

Always make sure to read the label of FAT grams and CARBOHYDRATE grams. That's where you can really find out how much you want or don't want. They say the best choice every time is Oil and Vinegar. But of course I'm sure you want to switch it up sometimes to mix in flavor.

For Mayonnaise, they just recently came out with a healthier condiment called Nayonnaise. It's made with Soybeans and only has 3 grams of fat per Tblsp. Usually when the condiment is thicker, it has more added sugar in it. So it's always better to go with the THINNER dressings or condiments to be safe. But there are 2 exceptions. Mustard and Wasabi sauces. Those 2 are actually good for you and you only need a little because the taste is so strong. So you can never go wrong with Mustard (Dijon is the best choice) or Wasabi sauce. And be careful, because when something says Low-Fat, it usually means it has double the sugar and processed oils, which makes it even worse.

Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Foods that help your skin

I just thought this was a wonderful article to post! I found an article in the Diabetic Forecast about woman's health and it gave us 5 of the best foods that improve your skin. (none of these words are mine, they are straight from the article)

"Healthier skin starts with these five foods."
"Here's a beautiful reason to stop by the supermarket today: Certain foods have powerhouse nutrients that keep skin supple and smooth and help fight age-related damage, says Nicholas Perricone, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and author of Ageless Face, Ageless Mind (Ballantine, 2006). Wondering what to eat and what to smooth on? These skin-saving foods help both ways. (Be sure to do a skin-patch test first, and wait 24 hours to see if you have an allergic reaction.)
Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or grapefruit. And research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that people who eat foods rich in C have fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who don't. It also helps fight free radicals, which damage cells and break down collagen, leading to those dreaded fine (and not-so-fine) lines. For smoother, better-hydrated skin, apply a natural-berry mask like the one below once or twice a week, and eat C-rich foods daily, says Ramona Ionescu, primary aesthetician at New York City’s Cornelia Day Resort.
2~Olive oil
The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil don't just benefit you on the inside—they soften your skin, too. "Ancient Romans massaged olive oil into their skin," Perricone says. "When used topically, olive oil results in smoother, more radiant skin." Plus, consuming olive oil, a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet, provides antioxidants to disarm free radicals and reduce inflammation. "Remember, inflammation is not just linked to disease—it's a major cause of wrinkling and sagging in the skin," Dr. Perricone explains. In addition to working olive oil into your daily diet, apply as a lip gloss and skin soother, as needed. If you have dry skin, you'll particularly benefit from topical application.
3~Green tea
Curling up to a cup of green tea does a lot more than relax you. Green tea is filled with inflammation-fighting antioxidants, Dr. Perricone says. What's more, research from Case Western Reserve University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows that drinking green tea may reduce your risk of skin cancer. (And when you add a generous squeeze of citrus juice—like lemon, lime, or orange—the tea's antioxidants get a boost of staying power, so they remain in and benefit the body longer, rather than being digested quickly and having much of the goodness go down the drain, according to Purdue University researchers.)
Pumpkin's orange hue is from carotenoids, wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help neutralize free radicals in the skin, keeping them from damaging the cells that fast-forward aging. "Pumpkin is filled with vitamins C, E, and A, as well as powerful enzymes that help to cleanse the skin," explains dermatologist Kenneth Beer, author of Palm Beach Perfect Skin. Plus, pumpkin has hydrating properties, Ionescu adds. Although the seeds make a great fiber-filled snack, you get the skin-saving antioxidants from the pulp. Eat and apply the facial below once a week, Ionescu says.
"Pomegranates are one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits," says Fernstrom. Research shows this fruit's juice has more inflammation-fighting anti­oxi­dants than red wine or green tea.
Eat some fresh pomegranate or, use it in the age-fighting scrub recipe below; apply once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells, suggests Cleo Londono, aesthetician and owner of Meta­mor­phosis Day Spa in New York City."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whole Wheat Pasta with Onions

Simple yet Satisfying.

Easiest recipe and one of my absolute favorites!

Pasta with Onions
-1 lb. of Whole Wheat Pasta, Penne or Fettuccine
-1-2 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-1/2 Onion, chopped
-Cart of mushrooms, sliced
-Salt and Pepper to taste

~Make pasta

~Poor Olive Oil in pan after heating-keep heat around medium. Chop up Onion and Mushrooms, put them in and stir until brown with Olive Oil. When noodles are done, mix onions and mushrooms together with noodles, and put some salt and pepper to taste.

This is a recipe I actually got from my sister, Stacie. Every time I go over there, she always has something cooking that's just incredible! It's got some carbs in it, but I usually have the amount of my hand spread out and eat a side salad with it. Most times my blood sugars are pretty regulated after, so for all you Diabetics, this recipe is fantastic!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Healthy Snacks to add to the Menu

Something I'm sure that everyone thought was bad for you, is actually very very good for you. Snacking! I didn't realize the importance of snacks until I added snacks to my day and felt the energy it was giving me, and also the weight I was able to lose from not eating so much at meals.

When I was diagnosed, they gave me some ideas on what to eat at exactly what time, to better balance out my blood sugars. I LOVE IT! For as long as I can remember, I've heard how important it is to have 5 little meals a day. Well, it absolutely works and to be honest, I LOVE it way more than waiting for lunch and dinner to roll around. I have a list of great, healthy snacks that would be ideal for your every day and to help keep your metabolism going! If it worked for me, I can pretty much guarantee it would work for everyone. Every snack that I have has to be under 15 grams of Carbohydrates, so all these snacks are around 15 grams.
~2-3 hours after Breakfast and Lunch is when you should have your snack.

Apple with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter

1/2 of peaches (if canned, make sure its Light) with spoon-full of cottage cheese

Activia with Almonds mixed in

6-7 Whole Wheat crackers (Ritz, or whatever is under 15 grams of carbs) with String cheese

Cut up Banana with spoon full of cottage cheese and Oatmeal sprinkled on top

Handful of carrots

1 South Beach Chocolate Bar (under 15 grams of carbs)

String cheese (Light) with 1/2 of fruit of your choice

Handful of Almonds with half of a cut up Avocado

Celery with Tbsp of peanut butter

A light salad with your choice of vegetables (make sure the salad is no bigger than both of your hands put together forming a bowl)

6-7 Whole wheat Ritz crackers with cottage cheese

Sliced up Tomatoes with S&P and 2-3 little slices of low-fat cheese

1 Orange with String Cheese

1 cup of steamed Broccoli

1 Slice of Whole Wheat bread with peanut butter

Activia Yogurt with half a Banana/Apple

You can always switch these up and make your own. Just make sure the snack is under 15 grams. These snacks help satisfy your hunger throughout the day and keep your metabolism going strong, which of course helps with weight loss. They are all healthy for you, so your still getting the nutrients your body wants and deserves.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water! Something every person needs to think about seriously. We hear about it, and we think about, but do we really get the amount of water our bodies need every day? Most likely not. The average person drinks 2 quarts of water a day, our bodies need 4. Most people don't drink enough water and wait until they are thirsty. By the time we are thirsty, are body fluids are already depleted. I actually just recently learned this, but after the age 20, our bodies become less and less aware of the sensation of thirst, and we become dehydrated without even knowing. Pay specific attention if your exercising on a regular basis. Our organs could be screaming for water and not even know it. Water keeps our energy levels high and it actually helps our bodies to not feel sore after workouts.
Getting water from fruits that are high in water content also help a lot with the water intake. Fruit will also help fill up the stomach with low calories and gain tons of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (nutrients that are important to the human health) to increase vitality. Most of the fruits that carry a lot of water content are also very high in fiber! Which is definitely a bonus!

You can always tell if your hydrated by your urine. If it's colorless, most likely your good and hydrated. When it becomes yellow, or even orange, the body is dehydrated and a part of the body is suffering for it. Here is a list of foods that are high in water content to help you out, also some health benefits of drinking water regularly.

-Lettuce (1/2 cup): 95% water by weight
-Watermelon (1/2 cup): 92% water by weight
-Broccoli (1/2 cup): 91% water by weight
-Grapefruit (1/2): 91% water by weight
-Milk (1 cup): 89% water by weight
-Orange juice (3/4 cup): 88% water by weight
-Carrot (1/2 cup): 87% water by weight
-Apple (1 medium): 84% water by weight
-Cottage Cheese, low-fat (1/2 cup): 79% water by weight
-Yogurt (1 cup): 75% water by weight
-Potato, baked with skin (1 medium): 71% water by weight
-Tuna, canned, drained (3 ounces): 70% water by weight

Health benefits of drinking water
regulate appetite
increase metabolism
boost energy levels
less water retention
alleviate some headaches
help reduce blood pressure
help reduce high cholesterol
ease joint pain
decrease in risk of some cancers
less chance developing kidney stones
release toxic waste products
improves skin

I hope this helps you to think about it more throughout the day. I would recommend to start buying water bottles. So you always have water by you, and always think to drink it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exercising VS. Eating Healthy

What's more important, eating healthy? Or Exercising? Well, I'm here to tell you BOTH ARE ESSENTIAL for a healthy body and weight loss. You can't do one with out the other. You need the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins for your body to have the fuel that it needs to even have the energy to exercise. I never watched what I put in my mouth until I was forced to count every carb that I ate. It wasn't until then I realized all I had been doing my whole life was maintaining my weight through exercise. Which isn't a bad thing, but it wasn't the weight that I wanted to be at. No matter the weight you're at right now, if you are doing one without the other, you will only maintain the weight you have. But something that you shouldn't do is cut your calories and exercise, because you will then lose the nutrients your body has to have in able to get the energy. It was then I realize how important both are, when I started to lose the weight.

A lot of people go on low-calorie diets, and end up giving up, because not only are they starving themselves, but they have no energy to even have the desire to exercise. So what you want to do, is switch the bad, processed, sugary foods, for rich in nutrient fruits, vegatables and whole grain/wheat foods that will fuel your body. Eating those foods, watching your portions and exercising, it will be almost impossible to NOT see and feel results.

I know you're probabaly wondering how exercising has anything to do with Diabetes. Exercising not only keeps my blood sugars leveled, but I find the days I exercise, I don't need as much insulin. Which means the exact same for you, if your blood sugars are more leveled, your body is more balanced and your energy levels will be consistant.

I found a quick, easy work out that I have actually been able to see results from. For those days when I don't want to go outside, and I don't want to listen to or do a workout video. It's 20 mins long, and believe me, you will feel the burn and see the sweat! It's extremely effective, you just need a little living room space and I love it because YOU can choose the music you want! I've actually used this workout in my Aerobics class. I'll take you minute by minute.

Living Room Workout:
0:00 Warm up by walking/marching in place
2:00 Jumping Jax
2:12 March in place
2:30 Speed Skater (jump from side to side by throwing each leg behind the other like a speed skater)
2:42 March in place
3:00 High Knees (raise your knees up with a jump by alternating knees)
3:12 March in place
3:30 Twist (put your arms out to your side and twist your hips and make your knees go from left to right with a jump)
3:42 March in place
4:00 Repeat intervals 7 x's in order above.
18:00 Cool down with walking in place
20:00 FINISH

Make sure to keep your stomach flexed throughout the workout. This is incredible for Butt and Thighs and getting your heart rate up just as fast as running! Throw it in your week at least once or twice and you'll start noticing a difference.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Salmon, the magical Fish

I have always loved Sea food, so to start eating more fish wasn't a hard change in the least bit when they recommended me eating it weekly. The hardest change, was having to buy it and pay the cost. I started buying the fresh fish right from behind the glass, but it started getting way to expensive. So whats more important, health or money? I ask myself this daily, but I found that sacrificing some of the foods that do absolutely no good for me, I would be able to afford the fish. What I do now, instead of buying the fresh stuff, is buying the frozen bags of fish. At Smith's they have bags of huge cut frozen Salmon for only $8.99. They feed me for about 3-4 weeks, and that's with eating fish about 2-3 nights a week. Look for the deals, and start buying that Salmon.

Salmon is a highly nutritious food. Of course, it is high in protein, and the “good fats." But did you know that a 4 oz serving of wild salmon provides a full day’s requirement of vitamin D? It is one of the few foods that can make that claim. That same piece of fish contains over half of the necessary B12, niacin, and selenium, and is an excellent source of B6 and magnesium. Canned salmon also contains large amounts of calcium (due to the bones of the fish).
Omega-3 fats seem to primarily work through reducing inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is turning out to be at the base of many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, some types of cancers and arthritis. Omega-3’s also help prevent the blood clots which cause many strokes.
Something that I have noticed that has made a huge difference from eating a lot of Salmon, is not only energy that I feel for the next 2 days, but my skin seems to be a lot clearer. It's a miraculous food. So what happens if you're the only one who is willing to eat it, because no one else in the family likes the "fishy" taste? Well, I have the answers, and recipes:). The main recipe that I use, because its incredible easy and fast, is just plain and simple Zesty Italian packs.
Zesty Italian Salmon:
Put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on pan
Sprinkle 1 pack of Zesty Italian Season on both sides of Salmon
Salt and Pepper to taste
*sometimes I also sprinkle on some Parsley just on one side for some extra taste.
This is the one I use the most, and Brad hated the "fishy" taste of Salmon, but loves the Zesty Italian season on it.

Another recipe: (this is from
Maple-Glazed Salmon with Pineapple:
1/2 cup maple syrup (make sure to get sugar free)
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
4 6-ounce salmon fillets1
1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 fresh pineapple1 jalapeno, seeded and finely chopped
(This recipe feeds about 4 and takes about 15-20 mins to make)
Get in the habit of making Salmon a part of your usual grocery list, it might be the best thing you put on it! If it gets expensive, sacrifice some foods that you know might not do as much as Salmon for your health, and you'll start seeing a difference.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


One of the first things to take a drastic change in my eating, was my grocery shopping. WHAT YOU SHOP FOR, IS WHAT YOU EAT! I know, sounds like common sense. But I don't think we realize how important this phrase is. If you buy it, you will eat it. Whether it be for your kids (fruit snacks, candy, sugared cereal), your husband (pop, burgers, chips) or yourself (ice-cream, brownies, CHOCOLATE). If you buy the treats, you will eat them.

I don't have kids, and I have no idea how hard or easy it is to raise them on healthy foods. I only know how hard it is for ME to eat healthy, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to make my kids eat some of the foods that I have to eat. But one time talking to the nutritionist she said, one of the biggest mistakes parents make is buying healthy food for themselves, but letting the kids eat junk food. I can see that, because already I'll buy foods that I like, and Brad will buy ice-cream for himself or pop, leaving it almost impossible for me to resist. So I literally had to beg him to help me be strong by eating those things without me knowing. HA! I know, sounds ridiculous, but it had to be done. So what I've done, is get a count of the TOP 10 HEALTHIEST FOODS to buy at the grocery store, help make it easier for you to know what is healthy. So here we go:

1. Berries- Berries are extremely rich in antioxidants which help protect the cells in our bodies from damage and therefore from diseases like cancer. Among other things they are also an excellent source of Vitamin C and soluble fiber. Blueberries might help reverse the short term memory loss that often comes with aging.

2. Broccoli- Broccoli (and other calciferous vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage) helps fight cancer, especially breast, colon and lung. It boosts the immune system. Broccoli also contains antioxidants and a substance called sulforaphane, which research is showing to be a powerful cancer fighter and preventer.

3. Citrus Fruits- The citrus bioflavanoids (absorbstion of Vitman C)in oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Many of these citrus bioflavanoids have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and blood clot inhibiting abilities.

4. Garlic- Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of garlic can lower our blood pressure. It also prevents the blood from being overly sticky and decreases LDL cholesterol (the "bad" one) while increasing the good HDL cholesterol.

5. Nuts- Walnuts and Almonds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, a special type of fat that is essential for our bodies, but that the body cannot produce. Omega-3 essential fatty acids protect us against heart disease.

6. Oats- Oats also help reduce cholesterol. Research shows that one bowl of oatmeal per day can reduce cholesterol by up to 23%. Oats are also considered an excellent grain for diabetics as they have less impact on blood sugar levels than some other grains.

7. Salmon- The Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other fatty fish may help prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering the body's rate of blood clotting.

8. Spinach- Spinach's secret weapon, lutein, makes it one of the best foods in the world to prevent cataracts, as well as age related macular degeneration, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the elderly.

9. Tomatoes- Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and as such helps to protect the cells in our bodies from damage. Also they make you fertile:)

10. Turkey- Turkey is one of the leanest protein foods and is low in calories, making it an excellent healthy food choice. Turkey also contains selenium which has been shown to inhibit cancer development, improve the immune system, and aid in the metabolism of our thyroid hormone.

These super foods are perfect for heart healthy, low fat cooking and most fit perfectly into a low carb lifestyle as well. There not in any kind of order, just the top 10 best foods. So there you have it! Some foods to make a habit to put in our every day meals. Make sure to spend most of your time in the Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Poultry and Grains/breads isles at your grocery store, you can never go wrong with those options!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spinach Pesto and Pasta

1 lb. of WHOLE WHEAT Fettuccine, or any whole wheat noodle you like.
1/4 C. of Walnuts
2 Cloves of Garlic
1/2 lb. of Baby Spinach
1/3 C. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (healthiest)
1/2 C. Grated Parmesan
1 Tbsp. Grated Lemon Zest

-Cook Pasta

-While cooking, pulse walnuts and garlic. Add the spinach, a bit of oil, 1/4 cup Parmesan and salt and pepper to taste. Puree until leaves continue to looked crushed. Continue adding spinach leaves a few at a time with small amounts of oil to blender, using a rubber spatula to help to combine pureed mixture. Cover and puree until spinach sauce is smooth.

When smooth, poor on top of pasta noodles and put the rest of the Parmesan on top of sauce.

This recipe is way easy and way good, for taste and body! Just the way I like it:). Carbs of course need to be very watched with this meal, so I eat a Fist-Fulls worth and for the side we had Asparagus with light butter and garlic. ENJOY!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Most COMMON might be the most HEALTHY

When it comes to Tuna Sandwich, I'm sure most people think back to elementary school and a brown bagged lunch. Well, come to find out, that average-Joe Tuna sandwich might just be one of the healthiest lunches you could eat.
Tuna is packed with nutrients that your body is craving. Starting with Omega 3 fatty-acid, one of the best things that you could possibly put in your body. Not only does it prevent heart disease and Arthritis, but it is excellent for your hair, skin and nails. Also it helps with dry eyes, something us Utahan's deal with a lot in the winter and summer. Tuna is packed with protein, potassium, Vitamin B12, Niacin and Phosphorus. All things are bodies need on a daily basis but probably aren't getting.
One of mine and Brad's favorite lunches is the basic Tuna Sandwich with a side of carrots, yogurt and a handful almonds.

Best way to have your Tuna mix:
-1 can of Bumble Bee Tuna, or whichever brand you buy.
-Half of an Avocado, chopped
-Tomato, chopped
-1 tbsp. of LIGHT Mayo. Make sure to always go extremely light with sauces like Mayonnaise. (Something as simple as mayo can ruin the entire health concept of the recipe.)

Just grab some Almonds or sesame seeds, chop them up and throw them on in, delicious. Don't think that because your eating a healthy sandwich, you can have chips or fries. Make the whole meal healthy for you with a side of vegetables or fruit:)

~Make sure to have whole wheat bread with this healthy, but simple sandwich. Don't hog the health all to your self, make this sandwich for the kids too-it's an incredibly easy lunch to whip up fast for the kids and there friends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

We've all heard that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's dang true!! I was never really a breakfast eater growing up, because I either never had time, or I was too lazy to make something. So usually the only time I ate breakfast was when, and I'm embarrassed to say this, my mom made it for me.

Eating breakfast not only aids in weight management, it fuels the body to help provide energy, better concentration and problem-solving ability throughout the day, according to the food and nutrition experts at the American Dietetic Association.

Breakfast is a HUGE factor for how the rest of your day goes. "Breakfast skippers often feel tired, restless or irritable in the morning." Says Gail Frank, registered Dietitian at the American Dietitian Association.

"Breakfast is also very important for weight loss and weight management," Frank said. "You 'break the fast' of not eating for the past eight to 12 hours. It helps curb your hunger and prevent binge eating later in the day. Breakfast is important to manage your weight and potentially lose weight by eating less calories throughout the day."

So what do you do if you absolutely hate eating Breakfast? I think people assume that Breakfast has to either be cereal, eggs, toast, or pancakes. Of course these are all awesome options, but people are forgetting that its the nutrients our body is getting in the mornings, not the "ideal breakfast food" that matters. Try making a salad for breakfast with all the vegetables your craving. East some of your leftover Chicken you had from the night before. Make some brown rice with some fruit and nuts or an Avocado sandwich. The point is, whatever YOU want to eat in the mornings, make it! But this doesn't mean grab a doughnut or some brownies you made the night before, the whole point of eating breakfast is getting your mind and body to a jump-start on your day. Feed your body with the nutrients its craving for. Get the energy your body is needing to finish out the rest of the day.

I've had a lot of help figuring out what the best foods in the morning are, what alerts the mind more, what gives you the most energy, what the healthiest foods are to start my day, and what balances out my Blood Sugars the most. So I'm going to share what I've been given. For those of you who need some ideas for truly, a very healthy and satisfying breakfast, I've got a few that have worked wonders for me and some of my favorites.

1/2 c. Quaker Oatmeal (100% whole grain) w/ half of a banana sliced on top for sweet taste and 2 scrambled egg whites. (never trust Instant Oatmeal, it always lacks the nutrients and is always high in sugar. Easy way to make it, is put oatmeal in bowl, put some water in it and put it in the microwave for 1 min.) Half a Grapefruit w/ sweetener and whole wheat slice of bread with peanut butter and glass of Milk. (Grapefruit is an excellent source of Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, Fiber, and very high with fat burning enzymes. Also, aim for the red Grapefruit.)
1/2 c. of Peaches w/ Cottage Cheese and 1 pancake of Fiber One Pancake Mix. (when you buy peaches, MAKE SURE to get the "Light". Canned fruits carry TONS of sugar, so make sure to get the cans that say "Light" or "no sugar added". But of course buying fresh peaches is always healthier, just not always in season.)
3 Egg whites with Activia Yogurt (or yogurt with 15 grams of carbs or lower) w/ slice of Whole Wheat bread.

Again, these are just a few ideas, so if none of these foods sound in the least bit appetizing, play around with foods that you like, and make a breakfast out of it.

Monday, March 2, 2009


THE BEST thing that I could have ever learned from being Diabetic is PORTION CONTROL! I dare say that almost every person on this earth, most likely has a problem with this or had a problem with this once in there life. Only because we have never been properly taught, or maybe they did but forgot it. Growing up, all I heard was, "don't get seconds" or "eat on a small plate" or "eat only until your satisfied." Well, first off, nobody told me that it takes the average person exactly 20 minutes for the brain to realize its full. Umm, by that time I was not only done with thirds but I was eating dessert. Then of course the rest of the night would be miserable for me because I would be in utter misery, holding my stomach and being unbelievably uncomfortable, wishing so badly I would have just stopped with the first plate.
After learning the basic knowledge of the Food Pyramid, I then learned the best piece of basic information that has been the number one key factor to not only weight loss, but to have a complete control of my Diabetes (most of the time:)) PORTION CONTROL. What they taught me was the most simplest information that I wish so badly I knew 10 years ago. I'm sure most of you already know this information regarding portion control, but to those of you like me, I will explain exactly how much your supposed to eat, every single time you sit down to indulge. For those of you who are already under control with there weight, or not worried about there weight, this bit of information will still allow you to always have that figure and maintain it for the rest of your life. For those of you who are trying to lose weight, this information is crucial and will be the number one thing you have to remember

Our bodies are remarkable! It was cool to learn during those times in elementary/middle school that, with your arms stretched out to your side, is the exact length of your body....or the length between your wrist and your elbow is the exact size of your foot, and so on and so forth. But it all goes the same with your hands and your portion control. Your hand is your new measuring cup that you can not only always have with you, but always rely on to get the exact amount of food your body needs.

Look at the PALM of your hand. That should be the exact amount of PROTEIN (chicken, fish, meat, etc.) your body is needing and more importantly should be having.

Make a FIST. This is the exact amount of VEGETABLES your body should be in taking. Along with milk and yogurt.
Cup your hand so it looks like its holding a tennis ball. This should be the exact amount of FRUITS and GRAINS your body needs. (you can use this as well for when you eat Ice-Cream)
No more, no less. These simple measuring tools are essential to losing weight and eating the healthy portions your body needs. If you know these are the exact amounts you will be eating, you won't fool your mind out to think you need more. Eat your portions...EAT THEM SLOW....and relax knowing you won't be miserable on the couch the rest of the night.

So what do you do when you go out to eat? If your like me, you feel like you need to eat your whole plate in order to get your money's worth. That's a lie. There is nothing better than knowing you have lunch already in your fridge for the next day. Take the leftovers. But what do you order in the first place? Something that I learned from a friend was to always SHARE with your husband, friend, or family member. Me and Brad have gotten in the habit of sharing our meals every time we go out. Not only do we save money, but we are completely satisfied after our meals. If you don't agree on something and you end up ordering your own meal, the second the waitress sets your plate down in front of you, take a knife and divide your meal in half. Eat only the half and box up the rest for tomorrow's lunch. If you do this, you won't feel so guilty sharing a dessert with someone afterwards:)

Use these simple tools every time you go out to eat, or eat at home, and I promise, not only will you feel like you've accomplished something, but you will see results and feel so much better about yourself!

If you can control your eating-you can most likely have control over anything in your life!

For all your GRAIN lovers

I always thought that Multi grain or 7-Grain, no matter what it was, was healthy for you. It's gotten so big because studies have proven that whole grains lower heart disease and strokes. One of the first things I learned was to read labels to find out just exactly what I was eating. The word Multri grain is actually one of the biggest marketing tools they use to make you think it's healthy, when in reality, white flour is a grain. They do know that intact grains are rich in fiber and nutrients—including vitamin E, B vitamins, and magnesium—but are stripped away when grains are refined into flour.

So many foods are only posing as rich in whole grains. Some labels you'll find have not even a single whole grain in them. But they are able to use that because...well, like I said, white flour is a grain. I went to buy some Whole Grain Ritz crackers and when I read the label, the white original crackers had MORE fiber than the grain crackers. Just read that label!

So next time you go to eat something that says "Multigrain" or "7-Grain" MAKE SURE to double check the label. But to be honest, I would say your best bet is always go with 100% WHOLE WHEAT. You can never go wrong with anything that says 100% whole wheat on it! I was blown away at how much both my nutritionist and dietitian pushed for whole wheat in my meals. So, of course everything in our pantry is now officially Whole Wheat. I stay far away from anything white now-which I can say, has made me pretty regulated!:) But if you were to choose between grain or white bread, ABSOLUTELY go with grain!

Just remember-The whiter the bread, the faster your dead. And that goes with everything including Rice and Pasta. Every grocery store sells either Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Pasta, you just gotta look for it.

Activia Yogurt

For all you Yogurt lovers, that absolutely HAVE to have it, this is by far the BEST choice for your body!

Most yogurts are blasted with sugars that people usually don't even realize. They think it's healthy due to the size of it, and also because it carries fruits. Sometimes thats the case. But for the most part, it might be one of the most fattening things you eat daily and not even be aware of it.

Being Diabetic, I have to watch my carb (sugar) intake with every bite I take. One of the best snacks that I have found that has been, not only tasty, but the healthiest treat I put in my body daily.

I always laughed when I saw the commercial for Activia because its main objective is to convince people that it helps regulate your digestive system, but when my Nutritionist insisted on it, I couldn't help but try it out myself. And might I add, it absolutely works with the digestive system! They aren't lying one bit when they advertise that:). I have come to LOVE it! It's something I can't leave the grocery store without.
* I recommend getting the "Light" Activia, it has less carbs/sugars. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!