Monday, February 28, 2011

Imagine That!

Did You Know....

Researches found that people consume less of a food if they first imagine themselves eating it. Study participants were instructed to picture themselves either eating M&M's or popping quarters into a washing machine. Then they were offered M&M's. People were had imagined eating the candy at fewer M&M's than those whose minds were on laundry. The authors say thinking about a food's taste, smell or appearance can increase appetite, but that visualizing actually consuming the food can, in effect, help you fill up.

(Source: Science, Dec. 10, 2010)

**side note-before me and my husband starting going off sugar for the dreaded 12 months, to prepare ourselves we read in a book that in able to resist the desserts that you know you're about to face, go through each dessert in your mind and imagine saying "no" to them. Surprisingly, that's been the one thing that has got us through resisting sugar. So if you know what desserts are being made or eaten that night, go through and say "no" to yourself before you will help, I promise!


tracie said...

interesting.. well I'm going to try it. I've been off sugar for 3 weeks now (minus a couple cheats) and I have to say that you keep me motivated knowing your doing it for a whole year. Whenever I'm tempted I think about you for some reason and it helps!! I need all the help I can get so if just visualizing chocolate will help, then I'll try it.