Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Update

My Fellow Readers,
I wanted to get an update on the menu if any of you have tried it.
Let me know what you think, how you've enjoyed it, if you haven't enjoyed it, if it's been helping?
I just wanted to get the scoop to see how it's been for ya.
Or if you have any questions regarding the menu, always feel free to ask!


Erin and Tony said...

Hey Melissa! I forget what e-mail to send to. I tried the diet, bought the shopping list, etc. It was great. It was really nice having a weeks worth of meals planned out for me. The only thing that was kind of hard for me is I didn't really know what to go for when my sugar was low but tried for something healthy. I felt much healthier on your meal plan! No weight loss really, but such is my story....

Leslie said...

melis - it worked great! it kick started a great eating change for me and i especially loved the ideas for snacks! thanks for putting so much time into it for all of us!

Andrea said...

I haven't had a chance to try everything yet, but I loved the mushroom parmesan sandwich. Me and Shane are also addicted to your smoothie that I think about it, you probably already know that since it's likely you can hear us using our ghetto blender to make them every single night (sorry!)

Thanks for all the recipes!