Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Egg Whites Fast and Easy

I have the worst case of the "not enough time in the morning to make breakfast" and being diabetic and all, breakfast is a meal I absolutely can't skip.
That should be the same for everyone.
Breakfast is vital for not only getting your metabolism started but overall maintaining a healthy weight. I've stressed how important breakfast is with previous posts, but it can never be talked about enough.
My biggest downfall was thinking that to have a healthy breakfast, I needed to wake up half an hour earlier. I'm someone that being able to sleep in an extra 5 minutes feels like a holiday. I love my sleep. So I had to be creative so I could sleep in AND get the healthy breakfast my body needs.
I've come up with some extremely fast breakfasts that are exactly what your body needs in the morning and for your metabolism. The right foods, and the right serving size.

~put 3 egg whites in a bowl, and throw it in the microwave for 1:00 minute. That's all you need. Get a piece of whole wheat bread and put some low-fat cheese on it. When egg whites are done, put it on the cheese and head out the door. (if you want to add some veggies, tomatoes are really good with this) {protien, complex carbs, fiber, and dairy}

~put 1/2 cup of oatmeal in a bowl, put some water in it, (make sure your not drenching the oatmeal) and put it in the microwave for 1:00-1:20 minutes. Put a spoon-full of fruit on top along with low-fat milk, and WA-LA! Your breakfast is done! {protien, complex carbs, fruits, dairy and fiber}

~Grab some yogurt (you know how I'm a fan of the Activia) and grab a hand full of Almonds, or a spoon full of raw oatmeal and mix it in with the yogurt. {fiber, omega's, protein, and dairy}

~Then there is of course a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and half a banana. {complex carbs, protein, fruit, fiber, and oil/fats}

Hopefully these ideas help you while your running out the door trying to make it to work on time. but overall, just


Taylor K said...

Thanks for the recipes! I just started a year-long weight loss challenge that I'm blogging about and eating breakfast has been DIFFICULT! I've been scrambling eggs in the morning, but like you, I love my sleep. I can't wait to try out these tricks! I'll mention you on the good 'ol bl-izz-og when I try the recipes!

Goodman Family said...
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Goodman Family said...

I am so glad you posted about breakfast because it is my absolute favorite meal and I love to eat breakfast, great ideas!
I do have a question about egg whites??? No matter how many times I try the egg whites with veggies, salsa, or cheese I still can't stand it, so is the yolk really that bad for you?

the fellers said...

so...just wondering if i am eating too much for breakfast, we would do a fruit, the toast with peanut butter and an activia...is that too much? you just put the activia and the toast on different sections...just wondeirng!

The Diabetic Diet said...

No vinnie, the more food in the morning (healthy food of course) the better!! these are just fast options while people are running out the door and don't have time to grab everything.
It would be wonderful if you had a big, nutritious breakfast every morning! that would do wonders actually! Keep it up:)

Taylor K said...

I would love to check out the diet! Send me an email with the information. ltkalander@gmail.com

The Diabetic Diet said...

Hey kenna, sorry I forgot to give you an answer about the egg whites! Yolk has a little fat in it, but mostly its loaded with cholesteral. The egg whites are just straight protein. Just put one yolk in with 2-3 egg whites and see if that makes it any better!

Dan and Nicole said...

I love all these ideas! And I love the egg whites on toast in the morning. It is super fast and so yummy!!

Ashley said...

Melissa, you're a genious. Timothy never has time for a really good breakfast, I think he'll really like these ideas. Also, thanks for the option of oatmeal in the yogurt.

upin said...

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Jared and Caitlin said...

So here is the question that I've always wondered... what do you do with the yolk? I always feel like it's a waste to buy a whole carton of eggs and then throw the yolk away. Any suggestions?

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

K.. I have a question with eggs, This may seem like a ridiculously silly question, but im curious.
Are eggs dairy.. or meat?

rachell enger said...

I have a really yummy tip for oatmeal (which I hate any other way): smash a banana in the bottom on your bowl before pouring the oatmeal over it. Some people I know put sugar-free maple syrup on top, but I just put a good ol' slab of butter on top. This makes every bite of oatmeal a delight!

The Diabetic Diet said...

Tiff, good question! Egg is considered a meat on the Food Pyramid. My guess is because of the protein content.