Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Delight

Smoothies have never been a big part of my life since the Betes-because the fruits and sugars mix is pretty much asking for no toes. So my post previous asking about new years goals, (which by the way I absolutely loved reading!) there was one goal that I fell in love with,
and I'm blogging about it because I recommend it entirely after trying it.
It's just something I thought sounded good.

Thanks to Teandra for sharing her goals, it's been fantastic trying the smoothie! She recommend smoothies with vegetables mixed with only one fruit and yogurt. I tried made it, loved it, and didn't have spiked blood sugars after-which I think made me fall in love.

The recipe she gave me didn't have a name so I'm going to call it Green Delight (ok, so I have no experience at naming things)

Green Delight
~3/4 c. raw broccoli banana
~1/2 cucumber
~8 oz. Yogurt ( I used the plain LIGHT Activia yogurt)
~1 c. ice
**(She said to always mix in something green, such as kale, spinach, broccoli etc.) and I believe her, green veggies always have the most fiber!

I literally just mixed it all together in the blender and let the blender do the rest.
It surprisingly tasted FANTASTIC! I loved that I couldn't taste the veggies at all, mostly the banana.

Anyways, I would recommend it when you have no time, or all the time in the world-so basically whenever your craving an extremely healthy smoothie:).

Thanks so much Teandra! And by the way, her new years goal was to drink one of these a day to get in all her fruits and veggies for the day.

Brilliant I say.
Lets all try it!


Teandra said...

Thanks Melissa! I must say though, the pictures never look very apetizing. I'm glad you like them. After experimenting for a month I must say the staples are broccoli and yogurt. If these are not in it it just doesn't taste as good or mix as well. I've also tried adding celery and carrots and it's yummy too! It's fun experimenting.