Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

Sometimes when our lives get hectic and crazy, we forget about the source that actually fuels our energy and well being. How could we possibly forget that? Well, those of you who make dinner and care about nutrition-kudos to you and the well being of your body. Those of us who have crazy days and it's the last thing we think about...well, we might want to change our mind frames.
A study was done in December 2009 to show how much our perspective on food really matters and how the little things affect our bodies greatly.

It's all about how we view it and the outlook we have when it comes to food.

"Your attitude toward food may hinder your ability to lose weight. Researches divided 200 women into 5 groups based on their food mind-sets, then measured their body-fat percentage, waist circumference, and body mass. Impulsive eaters had a higher BMI and waist size than the woman in other groups.
Impulsive eaters and those who felt guilty about overeating ranked highest in body-fat percentage. Participants who said they were too busy to cook took in the most calories per day. (Woman concerned about nutrition and those who focused on providing meals for their families fared the best overall.)
Though the study doesn't prove cause and effect, the authors say it underscores the importance of tailoring weight management to a woman's outlook on food."

Source: Diabetic Forecast; Health Education & Behavior, December 2009.


the fellers said... I just need to continue to focus on nutrition and making healthy meals for my you have told me...and I am better off? cool!