Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tricep Tease

A lot of us woman have the same problem when it comes to our triceps. If you don't know what the tricep is, most likely it's the flab of skin dangling under neath the arm. If yours is not dangling, I give you my highest respect for taking such good care of your arms. For the rest of us average humans, I put together a workout awhile ago and the people that have been doing this little routine have been happy with their results. So of course I wanted to share it with you. (and of course I felt motivated to share it after talking with some good friends at aerobics last night.)

I've put together the top exercises that target specifically the tricep down to the core. If you're not used to working out the tricep, it will feel extremely sore the next day, BUT I promise you, if you keep at it, you will not only be seeing tight results, but you will be wanting to add more weights and go harder before you know it. And of course, always stretch after your workout.

I recommend it either before bed or first thing in the morning. OR if you already have an exercise routine daily (walking, running, swimming) I recommend doing it right after your cardio.

The Tricep Tease
Back-of-chair Up/Downs-20 reps.
(legs out straight, hands on the edge of your chair, back faced towards the chair and bend elbow so your body is lowered down, then push up. repeat 20 times)

Man Pushups-10
(when you get to the point when you can do 10 man pushups without stopping, add 2 more on.)

Weight Pullover-
(get a 10-15 lb. weight and pull it over your head. Straighten elbow by pulling the weight up so your arms are completely straight with weight in the air. repeat by raising and lowering at the elbow.)
Circling Arms-45 circles
(put your arms out to your side, straight out. Make a complete circle by twisting your arms and leading with the palms of your hands, your shoulders shouldn't be moving. Like your shaping a small, invisible basketball. Every circle counts as one. Do 45 individual circles.)