Monday, July 27, 2009

Answers: Part 1

Since I only had the 2 questions, I'll go ahead and answer each question with a post:). The first question was:

"OK, this is NOT an announcement, but when I started all this new portion control stuff, like measuring with your hand, I was thinking, it was working great for me right now, but when I am pregnant, I am totally going to be starving, cause I eat more often when I am preggers....not necessarily MORE food at each sitting, just more often, does that make sense? SO, I was just wondering, do your portion sizes change when you are pregnant, do you need to just eat more frequently, what do "they" say about when you are pregnant, what to eat that would help you keep your weight maintained while you are pregnant...I will have more kids, not right now, but I am curious..."

A lot of woman think that because they are pregnant, they have to eat for 2. So they end up eating double the intake and double the calories, but they absolutely don't need to. When people say you "have to eat for 2", they are literally meaning, you are feeding two people, they don't mean you have to eat 2 plates every time you sit down. Which is why a lot of woman gain more weight then they have to. All your baby needs is the nutrients, not an entire serving for itself. What she recommended was to eat more "filling" foods. High fiber foods such as Oatmeal for breakfast (keeps you full longer) and a lot of vegetables and fruits. Make sure to get 100% whole wheat, it has more fiber. You want to eat foods that keep you fuller longer, and help you to have more energy while carrying the baby. If you're eating processed foods, you will feel hungry all the time-just like if anyone else was eating processed foods.
She also recommended eating snacks. But a snack isn't a pop-tart or ice-cream. You may be craving those things, but you can start your kids off eating healthy right from the womb. The more sugar you eat in the womb, the more the baby will become immune to sugar when the little guy gets out. So basically, the exact same concepts apply whether your pregnant, or just trying to eat healthier. Fill your stomach with healthy snacks. Go to SNACKS on the side of my blog for some good choices. So eating more snacks is for sure ok, you just have to make sure they are healthy for you and the baby.

Hope that helped:)


Tristan said...

I ate a poptart a day when I was pregnant with my son. I gained 45 lbs and he ended up being a 10 lb baby! There is truth to that answer about eating more healthy and not eating as many processed foods.
P.S. I was much more careful with my daughter and I only gained 26 lbs even though she still ended up being 9 lbs 8 oz. I still ate all the time but I didn't eat poptarts. I tried to have more filling snacks.

the fellers said...

awesome meliss...thanks...!!!

The Diabetic Diet said...

Thanks for the comment Tristan! that's fantastic!