Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Questions and Answers

Dear Everyone-

The end of this week I have a visit with the good old Nutritionist and I'm taking questions if you guys have any. I would be more than happy to get them answered for you if I don't know the answer already. Thanks so much for the support of this blog! I can't tell you how wonderful it is each time I get a comment from you knowing we are all in it together.
Go ahead and leave your question as a comment and I'll answer them on a post along with all the questions and answers from all of you.
Yours Truly


the fellers said...

ok, this is NOT an announcement, but when I started all this new portion control stuff, like measuring with your hand, I was thinking, it was working great for me right now, but when I am pregnant, I am totally going to be starving, cause I eat more often when I am preggers....not necessarily MORE food at each sitting, just more often, does that make sense? SO, I was just wondering, do your portion sizes change when you are pregnant, do you need to just eat more frequently, what do "they" say about when you are pregnant, what to eat that would help you keep your weight maintained while you are pregnant...I will have more kids, not right now, but I am curious...

Ashley said...

good question Vinnie. please keep me posted on that one. here's my question.
Almonds are supposed to be so good for you. Are there any alternatives that are equally beneficial that will not kill me? Just curious.

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

Meliss, I dont think I have any questions... as of now. Just wanted to praise you a tad. About 3 weeks ago, I printed out all of your recipes and started eating healthier.. I have lost a whopping 7 pounds!! { I still need to work on exercise and portion control..} But, I Cant wait to see what happens when I get my lazy butt up and exercise! Thanks for your help! I love you.