Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Answers: Part 2

"Here's my question. Almonds are supposed to be so good for you. Are there any alternatives that are equally beneficial that will not kill me? Just curious."

Almonds (and walnuts) of course have countless benefits that provide so much nutrients and good nutrition to the body. But since you can't have them, that means nothing to you, ha. But unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that are allergic to nuts. So you're not the only one.
There are a lot of different things that Almonds and Walnuts contribute, so it just depends on what your looking for. Almonds and Walnuts carry a lot of Vitamin E in them, which is an incredible source of antioxidants but also helps regulate the physiological processes(in other words, helps your insides function properly). You can find Vitamin E in a lot of foods. Mostly in eggs, avocados, asparagus, the skin of the apple, spinach, potatoes, and oils such as olive oil or vegetable spray.
A handful of almonds a day can help lower bad Cholesterol by about 10%. Something else that can do that as well,is Flax seed. You can get Flax seed usually in the organic sections. I would consider using that in your yogurt, oatmeal, or even on top of your cereal. Flax seed is very healthy for you and offers a lot of good nutrition to your body as well. There is not one thing, or one food in specific that offers all the exact same nutrients an Almonds does, but Flax seed might be the closest thing when it comes to all the benefits.
Give Flax seed a try and just double up on those dark green vegetables:)

{Also, Flax seed is a grain, but I don't know if it contains anything that nuts do as well. you might need to double check before eating, and if you are allergic to them as well, I'll find some more foods for you}


Ashley said...

Thanks Meliss! I can have flax, so that's good. Thanks for always being so amazing with this blog!