Thursday, September 24, 2009

Banana Chocolate Shakes

This next recipe that was sent over was from a good friend of mine,
Rachell Enger.
She is always cooking something good at her house without a doubt!
She's extremely creative and one of the
most down to earth people I've met.
So of course I wasn't surprised when she sent
one of the most easiest recipes that tastes like heaven! A perfect dessert for those buds that need something sweet after dinner.
(for the diabetic aspect, it wasn't bad on my blood sugars at all. The carbs come from the banana and milk, but even so the milk is a good source of protein and calcium and the banana is perfect for your daily fruit intake)
Banana Chocolate Shakes
1 frozen banana
2-3 tsp. cocoa
1/4 c. (for thick) or 1/2 c. (more runny) milk
--Makes one shake.

Peel bananas and place in freezer. The best bananas to use are those which have started to go brown. Actually, the more brown the better, because they are sweeter. Blend. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Rach!
A recipe that is just like you-simple and sweet!


Dan and Nicole said...

This sounds so good and now gives me something to do with the bananas that start going bad.

Nitin said...

it sounds really yummy.. but is the chocho good from a health angle??

rachell enger said...

Yes. Cocoa is very rich in anti-oxidants. The darker and more natural the chocolate, the better it is. What you want to avoid is milk chocolate, which is loaded with sugars, preservatives and a whole bunch of other junk.

The Diabetic Diet said...

Way to go Rach! You sounded profesh!:)