Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fresh Chicken Pasta

Thursday night I actually made up this recipe, because lately me and Brad have put grocery shopping off to the last minute possible. I basically put together things we always have in our fridge or pantry. Extremely fast and easy-and it also was great for my blood sugars.

I named it Fresh Chicken Pasta (because that's exactly what I thought about it when we ate it)
p.s. I'm also guessing ingredient servings because I made it up as I went along.

Fresh Chicken Pasta
2 servings of Whole Wheat Pasta Noodles
1 big Chicken-boneless skinless, or 3 chicken strips (or however much you want)
half a can of olives, cut in half
1 tomato, sliced
1/3 c. of Olive Oil
Mushrooms, sliced(I put in about half the pack)
Fresh Basil

~Get the Whole Wheat Pasta cooking. I defrosted the chicken and sliced them up and put them in a pan to simmer with Butter. I sprinkled some Oregano over top of the chicken along with Salt and Pepper. In another pan I put in the Tomatoes, Olives, Fresh Basil, Mushrooms, Salt & Pepper and Olive Oil. (those were the only vegetables I had at the time, please use whatever veggies you have:)) I cooked those at a medium-low.
When you think they look done, feel free to combine chicken and veggies together to cook for a minute longer.
Then combine with pasta noodles.
After I combined them I mixed up a bit then sprinkled Zesty Italian over top. (the actual mix, not the dressing) Mixed again and sprinkled.
Taste yourself and see what's needed. (salt, pepper, olive oil)

(unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me, or think to take a picture, so I took this picture from looked the closest to what I made)


Nurse Line said...

Great recipe as chicken is a staple in every diet ... with olives it would add a new flavour.

Electronic Medical Records said...

This is a very light and healthy chicken.Olive oil really helps lessen the burden of oil on the body.