Friday, September 25, 2009

20 Minute Treadmill Extreme

I have been trying to keep up with this work out, but let me tell you-it's a doozy.

The new rave in exercises now are fast, hard workouts. They have studied that you get more benefits and burn twice the amount of calories from working in a short period of time with your fullest potential.

Believe me, it's a lot harder than it sounds....but absolutely worth it!

I have been trying to do this workout twice a week, and I already feel results. I feel like I have more endurance and the days I do the workouts, my sugars are pretty much regulated for the rest of the day, and then some.

Try doing this workout twice a week, and run 1-3 miles on the days you don't. (for those of you who don't run, speed walking is just as good for you)

You should see and feel some good results if you keep it up!

Treadmill Extreme
2 rounds-remember to do them as fast as you can!

800m run(1/2mile)
50 squats
800m run
20 under bar/treadmill pull-ups (I do Up-Down instead of pull-ups)
20 push-ups
20 sit-ups

(if you don't have a treadmill, you can also go to the nearest high school track, or at least that's what I do.)


Caitlin said...

Speaking of running... I just got back from it! I found a route around my new apartment, and it's exactly three miles. It took me an hour to do it and I speed walked half the way, but some day I'll be able to run (and I'm saying run!) the whole thing.

What a good day that will be.

Nitin said...

good god.. the doc's told my mom to walk too.. but youre running which is really major..
i do runns and joggs twice a day.. in the morning i do a 1 hr jog. and then in the evening before my weights i do a 20 mins run. i cover 3.6 km in that.. so hows your sugarlevels and all after youre done with it?? does it really effect??

The Diabetic Diet said...

Hey Nitin,
What I do before workouts, being a diabetic, I eat something with protein in it. Usually it balances it out pretty good to the point where I don't usually go Low.

If I do feel like my sugars are going low, I always bring a Capri Sun, or some kind of juice along with me. For the most part, I eat protein before and after working out.

But it's such a good workout when you do them faster, because my metabolism works faster through out the day. So my sugars stay pretty leveled if I'm eating pretty good.

I hope that helped Nitin, let me know if you have any more questions!

Nitin said...

thanx for the reply. i just saved your comment on a wordpad. the thing is my mom's really lazy. she is suppose to take the protiens and watch the rest but she doesn't,she has been having diabetes for the past 26 years.i've taken up the role or the Physical training coach for my sis. i was thinking of helping mom out too.. but the thing is parents make very disobedient students. :P.

tracie said...

wow i want to try this!!! sounds good for someone that doesn't have lots of time.

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

I get tired just thinkin about running! Im soo outa shape.
I blame it on having a kid (I kno. he's 2 for cryin out loud.. but i'd still like to use that excuse)
Um, Will it kill me if I just up and start doing this workout, since im 120% outa shape? Should I warm up for a week.. before I go all out and start goin full force, or no??

The Diabetic Diet said...

The good thing about working out, is that you can do any kind of work out, big or small....but just to your capacity. Running of course takes weeks, even months to build up on, but you can always walk and then start running back up again. just as long as you go a little farther each time.

But I would for sure give it a try Tiff, but of course you know your bodies limits and when you need to stop and take it easy, or when you're able to push yourself.

So go at your own pace, and give it a try:)

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