Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Metabolism

Sometimes we tend to give our Metabolism more credit then it deserves on why we gain weight and others remain a size 2 all there lives.
We may all think it's because of the differences with our Metabolisms.
I found a fantastic article of what exactly our Metabolism is and
why we think to believe it slows down after 30.
Well, it covers the myths, the lies, and the facts about our Metabolism
and what really happens with it through the years.
And not only that, but how to get it back on track to when we were 16.
That's right, it's possible to get our Metabolisms back through some simple steps and feeling like we still have it!

Read about it Here.


the fellers said...

Meliss...that link didnt work, and I thought I was just dumb, and tried again, and it still didnt work....could you re-post it or email it to me? Thanks!

Tristan said...

I couldn't get the link to pull up for me either and I would definitely be interested in reading this article if you wouldn't mind trying it again. Thanks! :)

The Diabetic Diet said...

I'm so sorry you guys!That was my bad:).

Go ahead and try it again and see if it works!

let me know!

Teandra said...

What a great article I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing.