Monday, March 16, 2009

Healthy Snacks to add to the Menu

Something I'm sure that everyone thought was bad for you, is actually very very good for you. Snacking! I didn't realize the importance of snacks until I added snacks to my day and felt the energy it was giving me, and also the weight I was able to lose from not eating so much at meals.

When I was diagnosed, they gave me some ideas on what to eat at exactly what time, to better balance out my blood sugars. I LOVE IT! For as long as I can remember, I've heard how important it is to have 5 little meals a day. Well, it absolutely works and to be honest, I LOVE it way more than waiting for lunch and dinner to roll around. I have a list of great, healthy snacks that would be ideal for your every day and to help keep your metabolism going! If it worked for me, I can pretty much guarantee it would work for everyone. Every snack that I have has to be under 15 grams of Carbohydrates, so all these snacks are around 15 grams.
~2-3 hours after Breakfast and Lunch is when you should have your snack.

Apple with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter

1/2 of peaches (if canned, make sure its Light) with spoon-full of cottage cheese

Activia with Almonds mixed in

6-7 Whole Wheat crackers (Ritz, or whatever is under 15 grams of carbs) with String cheese

Cut up Banana with spoon full of cottage cheese and Oatmeal sprinkled on top

Handful of carrots

1 South Beach Chocolate Bar (under 15 grams of carbs)

String cheese (Light) with 1/2 of fruit of your choice

Handful of Almonds with half of a cut up Avocado

Celery with Tbsp of peanut butter

A light salad with your choice of vegetables (make sure the salad is no bigger than both of your hands put together forming a bowl)

6-7 Whole wheat Ritz crackers with cottage cheese

Sliced up Tomatoes with S&P and 2-3 little slices of low-fat cheese

1 Orange with String Cheese

1 cup of steamed Broccoli

1 Slice of Whole Wheat bread with peanut butter

Activia Yogurt with half a Banana/Apple

You can always switch these up and make your own. Just make sure the snack is under 15 grams. These snacks help satisfy your hunger throughout the day and keep your metabolism going strong, which of course helps with weight loss. They are all healthy for you, so your still getting the nutrients your body wants and deserves.


the fellers said...

oh yay...I seriously was going to ask you for some good snacking tips...thanks! I am so excited! I am feeling great too!

the murdocks said...

YUM! Those snacks sound really good. Melissa I will tell you every time I leave a comment how much I love this blog.

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