Monday, March 2, 2009


THE BEST thing that I could have ever learned from being Diabetic is PORTION CONTROL! I dare say that almost every person on this earth, most likely has a problem with this or had a problem with this once in there life. Only because we have never been properly taught, or maybe they did but forgot it. Growing up, all I heard was, "don't get seconds" or "eat on a small plate" or "eat only until your satisfied." Well, first off, nobody told me that it takes the average person exactly 20 minutes for the brain to realize its full. Umm, by that time I was not only done with thirds but I was eating dessert. Then of course the rest of the night would be miserable for me because I would be in utter misery, holding my stomach and being unbelievably uncomfortable, wishing so badly I would have just stopped with the first plate.
After learning the basic knowledge of the Food Pyramid, I then learned the best piece of basic information that has been the number one key factor to not only weight loss, but to have a complete control of my Diabetes (most of the time:)) PORTION CONTROL. What they taught me was the most simplest information that I wish so badly I knew 10 years ago. I'm sure most of you already know this information regarding portion control, but to those of you like me, I will explain exactly how much your supposed to eat, every single time you sit down to indulge. For those of you who are already under control with there weight, or not worried about there weight, this bit of information will still allow you to always have that figure and maintain it for the rest of your life. For those of you who are trying to lose weight, this information is crucial and will be the number one thing you have to remember

Our bodies are remarkable! It was cool to learn during those times in elementary/middle school that, with your arms stretched out to your side, is the exact length of your body....or the length between your wrist and your elbow is the exact size of your foot, and so on and so forth. But it all goes the same with your hands and your portion control. Your hand is your new measuring cup that you can not only always have with you, but always rely on to get the exact amount of food your body needs.

Look at the PALM of your hand. That should be the exact amount of PROTEIN (chicken, fish, meat, etc.) your body is needing and more importantly should be having.

Make a FIST. This is the exact amount of VEGETABLES your body should be in taking. Along with milk and yogurt.
Cup your hand so it looks like its holding a tennis ball. This should be the exact amount of FRUITS and GRAINS your body needs. (you can use this as well for when you eat Ice-Cream)
No more, no less. These simple measuring tools are essential to losing weight and eating the healthy portions your body needs. If you know these are the exact amounts you will be eating, you won't fool your mind out to think you need more. Eat your portions...EAT THEM SLOW....and relax knowing you won't be miserable on the couch the rest of the night.

So what do you do when you go out to eat? If your like me, you feel like you need to eat your whole plate in order to get your money's worth. That's a lie. There is nothing better than knowing you have lunch already in your fridge for the next day. Take the leftovers. But what do you order in the first place? Something that I learned from a friend was to always SHARE with your husband, friend, or family member. Me and Brad have gotten in the habit of sharing our meals every time we go out. Not only do we save money, but we are completely satisfied after our meals. If you don't agree on something and you end up ordering your own meal, the second the waitress sets your plate down in front of you, take a knife and divide your meal in half. Eat only the half and box up the rest for tomorrow's lunch. If you do this, you won't feel so guilty sharing a dessert with someone afterwards:)

Use these simple tools every time you go out to eat, or eat at home, and I promise, not only will you feel like you've accomplished something, but you will see results and feel so much better about yourself!

If you can control your eating-you can most likely have control over anything in your life!


Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

How cool! I never knew that about your hands. Im excited to try it out. Question, Is the portion size of your hand for one meal? or all day? ... not sure if that makes sense. If not dont stress it. Im just curious.

The Diabetic Diet said...

Hey Hey Tiff! No I totally know what your asking. It's per meal. So every meal, those should be the sizes you go from:).

Ashley said...

Melissa, I have never felt uncomfortably full in my life.... Now, how many pounds of beef and beans do I get for $5?
p.s. I think you're awesome. And I miss you.