Monday, March 2, 2009

For all your GRAIN lovers

I always thought that Multi grain or 7-Grain, no matter what it was, was healthy for you. It's gotten so big because studies have proven that whole grains lower heart disease and strokes. One of the first things I learned was to read labels to find out just exactly what I was eating. The word Multri grain is actually one of the biggest marketing tools they use to make you think it's healthy, when in reality, white flour is a grain. They do know that intact grains are rich in fiber and nutrients—including vitamin E, B vitamins, and magnesium—but are stripped away when grains are refined into flour.

So many foods are only posing as rich in whole grains. Some labels you'll find have not even a single whole grain in them. But they are able to use that because...well, like I said, white flour is a grain. I went to buy some Whole Grain Ritz crackers and when I read the label, the white original crackers had MORE fiber than the grain crackers. Just read that label!

So next time you go to eat something that says "Multigrain" or "7-Grain" MAKE SURE to double check the label. But to be honest, I would say your best bet is always go with 100% WHOLE WHEAT. You can never go wrong with anything that says 100% whole wheat on it! I was blown away at how much both my nutritionist and dietitian pushed for whole wheat in my meals. So, of course everything in our pantry is now officially Whole Wheat. I stay far away from anything white now-which I can say, has made me pretty regulated!:) But if you were to choose between grain or white bread, ABSOLUTELY go with grain!

Just remember-The whiter the bread, the faster your dead. And that goes with everything including Rice and Pasta. Every grocery store sells either Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Pasta, you just gotta look for it.


Laurel and Justin said...
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Laurel and Justin said...

Not only is it more healthy for you, but after eating whole grain pasta or brown rice and whole grain or whole wheat bread, the other stuff just doesn't taste as good! Way to go on the healthy diabetic blog Meliss!

Jennie B. said...

I LOVE THIS! Thank you! I just made some white bread today. Dangit. I may be dead sooner than I had anticipated. HA!

Jennie B. said...

What about flour? If you want to make the stuff? Whole grain? Whole wheat? Does it work well to bake and cook with?

The Diabetic Diet said...

Hahaha, oh my gosh, please don't worry! I can only imagine how fetchin good your homemade bread tastes Jenny! But Whole Wheat is by far the best way to go!! And they for sure have it, they have wheat flour, just gotta look for it:)