Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exercising VS. Eating Healthy

What's more important, eating healthy? Or Exercising? Well, I'm here to tell you BOTH ARE ESSENTIAL for a healthy body and weight loss. You can't do one with out the other. You need the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins for your body to have the fuel that it needs to even have the energy to exercise. I never watched what I put in my mouth until I was forced to count every carb that I ate. It wasn't until then I realized all I had been doing my whole life was maintaining my weight through exercise. Which isn't a bad thing, but it wasn't the weight that I wanted to be at. No matter the weight you're at right now, if you are doing one without the other, you will only maintain the weight you have. But something that you shouldn't do is cut your calories and exercise, because you will then lose the nutrients your body has to have in able to get the energy. It was then I realize how important both are, when I started to lose the weight.

A lot of people go on low-calorie diets, and end up giving up, because not only are they starving themselves, but they have no energy to even have the desire to exercise. So what you want to do, is switch the bad, processed, sugary foods, for rich in nutrient fruits, vegatables and whole grain/wheat foods that will fuel your body. Eating those foods, watching your portions and exercising, it will be almost impossible to NOT see and feel results.

I know you're probabaly wondering how exercising has anything to do with Diabetes. Exercising not only keeps my blood sugars leveled, but I find the days I exercise, I don't need as much insulin. Which means the exact same for you, if your blood sugars are more leveled, your body is more balanced and your energy levels will be consistant.

I found a quick, easy work out that I have actually been able to see results from. For those days when I don't want to go outside, and I don't want to listen to or do a workout video. It's 20 mins long, and believe me, you will feel the burn and see the sweat! It's extremely effective, you just need a little living room space and I love it because YOU can choose the music you want! I've actually used this workout in my Aerobics class. I'll take you minute by minute.

Living Room Workout:
0:00 Warm up by walking/marching in place
2:00 Jumping Jax
2:12 March in place
2:30 Speed Skater (jump from side to side by throwing each leg behind the other like a speed skater)
2:42 March in place
3:00 High Knees (raise your knees up with a jump by alternating knees)
3:12 March in place
3:30 Twist (put your arms out to your side and twist your hips and make your knees go from left to right with a jump)
3:42 March in place
4:00 Repeat intervals 7 x's in order above.
18:00 Cool down with walking in place
20:00 FINISH

Make sure to keep your stomach flexed throughout the workout. This is incredible for Butt and Thighs and getting your heart rate up just as fast as running! Throw it in your week at least once or twice and you'll start noticing a difference.


John and Erin said...

Melerm! I had no idea you had updated all of this. I'm excited. I'm always up for some health tips. These recipes look delicious.

the fellers said...

Meliss...I promise, I think I am addicted to this blog now, but seriously, I dont know that after 3 days, I am noticing anything on the outside, but I DO FEEL BETTER....I know that eating right was my missing ingredient! I know LOVE exercising, I would DREAD it everyday, and be SO tired after, now I just feel energized and love it...and dont try and talk myself out of it...listen to me...only 3 days in...I am a loser! haha

tracie said...

I'm going to have to try your workout! Looks fun. Do you teach aerobics???